Activities calendar

08 December 2018

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills

Effective communication & presentation skills are key to business success. In addition to learning how to deal with difficult people, participants acquire techniques for connecting with people quickly and easily as well as clearly presenting their ideas. Participants also discover their own communication style and learn how to identify the communication preferences of others. Morale and productivity improve because their personal and professional relationships improve skills and knowledge gained from learning how to effectively communicate and make memorable presentations.

Counterfeit Currency and Signature verification@ Janakpur

Signature verification is basic need for bankers. And also loss due to forged signature is in increasing order. Similarly, trade of counterfeit currency is big threat for our economy. Forensic laboratory is continually receiving such forged cheques as well as NRS, INR and USD. The awareness towards it is essential for bankers. This program is totally practical, group study as well as role play with support of video and power point finding solutions.