Management Development Program On Bank Risk Management

Financial Institutions are vulnerable to various risk factors both internal and external. The present global scenario and our own local context are not excluded from the crisis and challenges that these risk factors could pose a question mark not only to the future of the financial industry but is a threat to national and regional economy. With this in mind NBTI organized a two-day Management Development Program on “Bank Risk Management” on 14 and 15 May 2010 at Radisson Hotel. Dr. Supreeya Pipatmanomai from Thailand facilitated the program.

On the first day Dr. Supreeya talked about the current global financial and banking scenario and how it has shaped the economies of the world, the key developments and performances of Thai banking system and the risk of financial intermediation.

On the second day Dr. Supreeya recapped all the topics of the first day and then presented about Basel II risk management and how it is and can be used the banking system. She also talked about two very important issues in the
banking industry, the interest risks and market risks. The second day saw a lot of interaction amongst the participants as they found the topics very relevant and useful in the Nepalese banking scenario.

The session came to a close with the thank you note from Mr. Dabadi from NIC Bank who was nominated by the participants to speak on their behalf. The program was concluded with the certificate distribution ceremony in presence of NBTI board members Mr. Sashin Joshi and Mr. Ashwini Kumar and NBTI CEO Mr. Sanjib Subba.

All together 41 participants from 11 banks and one other organization attended the program. The participating banks were Standard Chartered Bank, Global Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, Kumari Bank, Nabil Bank, Bank of Asia, Laxmi Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, NMB Bank, Himalayan Bank and NIC Bank. The other organization to participate was Beed Management.