Piyush Man Shakya

Piyush Man Shakya earned his Bachelor Degree in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry from Flinders University of South Australia, SA, Australia and Masters Degree in Environmental Management from School of Environment Management (SchEMS), Pokhara University. Since 2003,he has been working at National Forensic Science Laboratory, Khumaltar, Lalitpur under Ministry of Science and Technology.

Currently he is working as a questioned document examiner in the position of Scientific Officer at Questioned Document Unit. His responsibilities include detailed examination of any questioned documents received at the laboratory through various institution such as different courts of law, financial institution etc, which require verification of signatures/handwriting, fingerprints, stamps etc., verification of forged currency, passports, legal documents and others. He prepare and submit the detailed examination reports of such documents, which are generally presented as expert testimonials in different cases.