Principles and Practices of Banking

S.No. Content Proof Reading Mistakes Correct Answer
1 Unit 4: Roles and Function of Capital Market, Securities Board of Nepal(SEBON) Page No. 37: Multiple Choice Question No. 2: NEPSE trading system is called as NATS, what is the full form of NATS? 2. d
2 Unit 10: Credit Information Bureau, Bankers Fair Practice Code Page No. 81: Multiple Choice Question no. 5: Which of the following institution has prepared and published the banker’s fair practice code?  5. b
3 Unit 18: Productive Sector Lending Page No. 147: Multiple Choice Question No. 2: 2. c
4 Unit 28: Financial Inclusion Page No. 201: Multiple Choice Question No. 2: In which of the following year priority sector lending program was phased out?  2007
5 Unit 30: Payment Systems and Electronic Banking Omitted/Missing Parts Download
6 Unit 33: Security Considerations Omitted/Missing Parts Download
7 Unit 41: Marketing Information Systems A longitudinal Analysis Page No. 355: Multiple Choice Question No. III: Match the following items between column A and Column B: 

b. i & c. ii