Risk Management

Executive Education on Risk, Governance Bank Management Frankfurt, Germany, May 2020

Risk is inherent in any business operations. It is more critical and sensitive in the financial sector. Banks and Financial institutions are invariably facing different types of risk that may have adverse impact on their business. It is of utmost importance for the banks to properly manage risk to protect banks from getting exposed to possible risk.

Executive Education on Risk Governance and Bank Management

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Environmental & Social Risk Managemet

Environmental risks pertain to the potential for damage of the environment and ecosystem. The principal sources of such potential damage are pollution of the air, water and land resulting from industrial activity. Environmental risks are largely a function of the nature (i.e., sector) of the business activity. Social risks pertain to the potential of business activities to cause an adverse impact such as damage, injury or loss to persons (e.g., employees, customers) and communities (e.g., neighbors).

Fundamental of Risk Management

The course is designed to provide participants an understanding of the basic concepts of Risk Management. Its aim is also to explain the Framework of Risk Management and its importance in the Bank, as well as its implications everyday banking thereby facilitating the understanding and effective implementation of Risk Management practices.




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