Risk Management

Operation Risk Management

Operational Risk has been increasing day by day in the Nepalese Financial Sector attracting great threats. It is always difficult to assess that when and how the operational risk events take place. But, the losses stemming from operational risks may erode the capital of a BFI with such a magnitude and intensity that the BFI may be left with no room for escaping from the impact, which could precipitate up to a situation of collapse. Therefore, a clear understanding on operational risk and its control has been always a challenge to the management.

Current Issues & Challenges in BFIs @ Dhangadi.

After completion of a series of program on Current Issues & Challenges in BFIs in four different regions of the country, NBI is pleased to announce the program in Dhangadi for the first time. Program will focus on Regulatory aspects i.e. How to create best operational system? Types of Risk in BFI’s and mitigating tools, Risk Per NRB perspective, Role of internal control in Risk Management Operations Risk along with Operational Risk Management in BFI’s.

Advance Credit Workshop

Advance credit workshop with an objective to introducing contemporary techniques including an in-depth understanding of non-financial risk, which many a times serves as root of a "non-performing assets". This program will also actuate the participants to get accustomed with the interview techniques for the borrowing clientele both exiting and prospects.


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