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HRDF Conference & Exhibition 2019

HRDF Conference & Exhibition 2019

“People| Purpose| Passion / Technology| Tactics| Techniques”

The HRDF Conference and Exhibition is currently at its 19th year and has steadily drawn more participants year-by-year ranging from both local and international level from various industries. HR professionals regard the HRDF Conference and Exhibition as one of the “must attend” HR conference of the year.

Programme on Networking & Cyber Security

National Banking institute Ltd. (NBI) an apex level banking and finance academy presents a “Six–Day” residential program on “Network and Security” with the collaboration of State Bank Institute of Innovation and Technology (SBIIT) Hyderabad, India. Network and Security program will have 3 days dedicated to “Networking and Network Securities” and 3 days to “IS and Cyber Security”.

Workshop on Cyber Security for Board of Directors

National Banking Institute in association with Financial Sector Stability Programme (FSSP), Nepal is pleased to
present a one day program Workshop on Cyber Security for Board of Directors.
Global cyberspace is witnessing threats unlike ever before with more means of sophistication achieved by
attackers. Among all organizations, banks are faced with the gravest challenge as hackers primarily target them to
fulfill their monetary goals. Nearly 563 million customer data records were compromised in 2018 alone*. Many

Directors Conference 2019

The changing dynamics of the banking, finance and the insurance industry has both created opportunity as well as challenges for the industry. The role of the Board Director globally is going through major transformation particularly when it comes to Risk Management, Culture and Corporate Governance.

Executive Program for Directors of Bank

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Frankfurt School) is the leading private business school and advisory institute in Germany with more than 50 years of experience in consulting, qualification and training services in all areas of banking, management and finance. Our mission is to advance national and international business practices through research, education, training andadvisory services.


Annual Digitization Conference Innovation in Banking- 2019

Nepal is currently in the stage of Digital Transformation. Digitization today is a journey which requires the banking industry to adopt the strategy of “Collaborating and Competing”. Digitization is not only an ongoing practice as well as a necessity from the perspective of strategic governance to manage a vibrant corporate culture, as life of all stakeholders rely on digital supply chain. The smart way of getting information and taking decision from digital data are now leveraging on computational technique of artificial intelligence.

Director Refresher Course

Role of the Board of Directors (BoD) is paramount in driving the Bank by maintaining high standard of corporate governance, safeguarding the interest of the depositors and meeting the expectations of the stakeholders.  

Whilst BoD delegates the authority to the Director(s), CEO or any other officials, the ultimate responsibility lies on them, which is substantiated by NRB Directives No 6/075, Section No 2 (e).

Human Resource Conference 2018, The Future of Work

With changing landscape of banking and financial industry, it has become imperative for the industry to develop agile leaders, workforce and develop culture who can handle change and achieve organization goal. In today's fast and changing world, the role of human and human resources has been emphasized in opening bottlenecks and providing developed technology because workforce is a strategic factor, substructure and propulsion of each organization. 


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