Advanced Excel @ Itahari

Training Category: Soft Skill

Microsoft (MS) Excel (a.k.a. Spreadsheet) software has become an essential part of virtually all the business organizations in the globe. MS Excel is by far the world's most popular spreadsheet program and is useful for everything from maintaining simple household budgets to building experienced financial models or designing complex dashboards.

  Microsoft Excel is commonly used for financially-related activities. The reason for its popularity is that the user can define custom formulas for calculating quarterly, half yearly and annual reports. This spreadsheet software also helps the individuals and professionals to effectively keep a track of sales leads, project status reports, and invoice reports. Microsoft Excel is also very popular among professionals from science background as it allows them to easily work with statistical formulas and graphing. This article offers a brief introduction to Microsoft Excel and its key features.

Most BI (business integration), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Analytics products in the market use an "export to Excel" features as their selling proposition. Analyzing Business Data with Excel shows you how to solve real-world business problems by taking Excel's Data Analysis Features to the maximum, rather than focusing on individual Excel function and features.

MS Excel offer a grid interface that allows the user to organize any type of information they require. One of the major advantage MS Excel Software is its plasticity feature, which allows the user define the structure of information they need to manage with ease, and is very easy to use and even a novice user can use this software. For specialized tasks, the user needs to undergo training and gain hands-on experience to use it in an efficient way. Heretofore, MS Excel is still the most preferred and used spreadsheet software around the world.

Therefore, National Banking Institute has designed 2 days' Training on “Advance Excel” aiming to hone the skills of the staffs working in BFIs and other organizations so that they could increase their productivity and contribute in attaining the organizational goal.