Anti-Money Laundering 5th Annual Summit 2020

Training Category: Workshop, Seminar & Conference

Over the past decades, money laundering has become an increasingly prevalent issue. With rapidly-evolving regulations, technology and financial crime methods, it is a challenge for the industry to detect potential criminal activity that may not be noticed. Globally new measures are being introduced to meet the challenge of staying abreast of new developments in financial crime.

Offering insight on a wide range of anti-money laundering, compliance and financial crime topics for emerging anti-fraud trends, using analytics tools in their anti-fraud initiatives and applying best practices in their fraud risk management programs is a need in the banking industry today.

In this regard, NBI has been taking active role in bringing together regulators, international/national experts, practitioners and consultants to discuss on various aspects of AML and CFT. The flagship 5th Annual Summit on Anti-Money Laundering shall highlight on AML and Regulatory Compliance, Global Trends, Improving the Preparedness for Nepal’s Next Mutual Evaluation, Best Practices for Identifying Ultimate Beneficial Ownership, Key Considerations in Automated Transactions Monitoring and Trade-Based Money Laundering.