Effective Branch Management

Training Category: Operations

Due to the globalization of the economy, commercial banks are expanding their nationwide presence. The retail business is another important source of banking revenue, offering high margin transactions, a low nonperforming loan ratio, risk diversification, and a low risk of default. Although self-service banking (automated teller machines) and internet banking offer customers convenient real-time access, branch banks provide more convenient and people-friendly service.  The rise of electronic transaction channels in banking has raised fundamental questions about the role of the traditional branch. The study confirms that branches remain the predominant channel for new account sales, and that location convenience remains paramount in institution selection for the costumer. Furthermore, the combination of reduced staff requirements, reduced operational risk and new technologies can enable smaller, less expensive branches, rendering more locations viable for expansion and allowing institutions provide the convenient access to consumer’s want and demand. Customer satisfaction and strong internal control mechanism and management indicate the effectiveness of the branch of the bank. Thus the training enables the Branch Head’s caliber and skill to handle their branch effectively and efficiently to achieve high profits by delivering customer satisfying products and assistance. The training coaches them to act accordingly in different internal and external environment of the branch as well as in banking industry. 

Training Date and Timing
Oct 10, 2018 - 7:00 am to Oct 13, 2018 - 5:00 pm