Programme on Networking & Cyber Security

Training Category: Workshop, Seminar & Conference
National Banking institute Ltd. (NBI) an apex level banking and finance academy presents a “Six–Day” residential program on “Network and Security” with the collaboration of State Bank Institute of Innovation and Technology (SBIIT) Hyderabad, India. Network and Security program will have 3 days dedicated to “Networking and Network Securities” and 3 days to “IS and Cyber Security”.
SBIIT is an Apex Training Institute in State Bank of India, engaged in IT related training, research, development, innovation and e-learning. It has played a key role in the transition of SBI from a traditional bank to an IT savvy Bank.
The program aims to provide inputs various terms in cyber security and networking including networking essentials, switching concepts, routing protocols, VPN Technologies, WAN Technology, IPV6, Networking audits in Banks, etc.