Workshop on Cyber Security for Board of Directors

Training Category: Workshop, Seminar & Conference
National Banking Institute in association with Financial Sector Stability Programme (FSSP), Nepal is pleased to
present a one day program Workshop on Cyber Security for Board of Directors.
Global cyberspace is witnessing threats unlike ever before with more means of sophistication achieved by
attackers. Among all organizations, banks are faced with the gravest challenge as hackers primarily target them to
fulfill their monetary goals. Nearly 563 million customer data records were compromised in 2018 alone*. Many
of these records are put on sale in the Dark Web for as less as $1 thereby increasing the impact of the data breach.
Similarly, ATM malware can be purchased from the Dark Web for just $1500**.
This keeps pressure on banks to remain competitive whilst maintaining impregnable information security
structures, being compliant with data regulations and adapting to new technologies coming in market.