NBI - KESDEE e-library

Embracing the technological advancement and with the intention of offering internationally well acclaimed value added e-library of e-learning courses here in the Nepalese market, National Banking Institute has entered into a collaborative agreement with KESDEE Inc. a leading global knowledge solutions company incorporated under C Corporations, California and having its registered office at 6540 Lusk Blvd, Suite C240, San Diego, CA 92121, U.S.A.

Brief introduction of KESDEE Inc. :

KESDEE is the world’s largest financial e-Learning company offering 750 accredited e-Learning courses on the areas of Banking, Finance, Accounting, Risk Management, Insurance and Financial Planning/Wealth Management.

KESDEE's e-learning solutions are very much relevant for the financial service providers, learners, regulators and advisors of financial services.

The salient features of the e-library :

  • The learner (individual subscriber) will have 1 full year access to 548 courses of 60 different programs.
  • With the one time fee, users have plethora of choices as to which e-learning courses to choose & gain knowledge from, to get self acquainted with the best international practices on the topics concerned.
  • Learners have great flexibility to randomly choose any course as per the learner’s preference from the “Menu” section.
  • Like in other LMS platforms, progress reports of all can be tracked individually for each course.
  • Upon successfully completing the course/s, by scoring 70 marks or above in the tests that appear towards the end of each course,  printable e-certificates get generated.
  • The state of art user friendly e-platform.
  • Special emphasis has been given, with a professional touch, in crafting the delightful and engaging learning modality for the very best outcome.
  • All the course contents have been developed by the experienced experts, considering the international best practices of banking and finance, without any customization on regulatory aspects.
  • Explicit treasure of knowledge at an inexpensive investment.