5th HR Club event - Mr. Jayendra Rimal - Meta Analysis of selected commercial banks in Nepal

On Wednesday, 2nd June 2010, the Banker’s HR Club held its 5th, monthly HR meet series at Nepal Banker’s Association at Kamladi under the aegis of NBTI CEO Mr. Sanjib Subba.  This time the club saw an expansion in terms of non bankers like academicians and consultants joining the group.

Mr. Jayendra Rimal an HR and OD practitioner and a Principal Consultant with Management Dynamics was the guest speaker. Mr. Rimal holds a vast portfolio ranging from faculty at various renowned institutions in Nepal to, advisor to Federation of SMEs, researcher and consultant for major Institutions (national and international) to name a few.

He gave his lecture on Meta Analysis of Selected banks of Nepal which was based on results of several studies that addressed the issues plaguing the Human Resource Departments of financial institutions.

The research findings triggered a lively discussion among the club members about HRM’s strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome them.