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HR Club meeting was held at National Banking Institute, Narayanchour on August 27, 2015. Altogether 24 participants attended the meeting run for 2 hours. This time the club saw some new faces of HR personnel from Insurance companies.

The meeting discussed on the following agendas.

On Wednesday, 2nd June 2010, the Banker’s HR Club held its 5th, monthly HR meet series at Nepal Banker’s Association at Kamladi under the aegis of NBTI CEO Mr. Sanjib Subba.  This time the club saw an expansion in terms of non bankers like academicians and consultants joining the group.

The 4th HR meet was recently concluded with the topic being HRM - A CEOs Perspective by Mr. Anil Shah, CEO, Mega Bank Nepal. The program started with a lighthearted note on the gender imbalance at Mega Bank in favor of women.

Mr. Shah mentioned that no matter how much financial resources one had, results are only based on the work put by the “Right Team” and to form the right team you need to start by asking people “What do you like doing?” The answer to this simple question could be the key to forming effective and efficient teams that deliver results.

The HR club met for the third time on 7th April 2010 to discover the core issues in Criteria Based Interviewing (CBI). Ms. Miriam Lindwer facilitated the program, which discussed on issues like selection of the right person for the right job.

The HR club met for the second time on 10th March 2010 at Nepal Banker’s Association’s office to discuss issues in the new frontier of HR. Participation was ample as HR heads from most of the major banks in Kathmandu were present. The session saw Mr. Sanjiv Subba, CEO of National Banking Training Institute, welcome all the participants and guest speaker Prof. Subas K.C., Dean at KUSOM. A brief recap of the HR club was given, as this was only the second time it was convened. Prof. K.C. then took to the floor and presented the concept of Strategic HR management.

Under the initiation of NBTI first ever bankers HR Club of Nepal has been formed. The inaugural meet was attended by more than 25 HR professional from various commercial banks. Welcoming the group NBTI CEO Sanjib Subba put forward the HR club concept. The group also chose seven coordinators and they are: