Team Building & Motivation for Beema Samiti

National Banking Institute (NBI) conducted 1 & half day training on "Team Building & Motivation" for the group of regulatory officials of Beema Samiti from 2 to 3 December. In the opening of the very first program for the regulators of insurance sector conducted at NBI, Dr. Fatta Bahadur KC the Chairman of Beema Samiti was also present along with other directors. In the opening speech Mr. Sanjib Subba, CEO of NBI welcomed the participants and also highlighted the fact that one's self discipline, integrity and values matter a lot rather than just the academic qualifications and the number of years of practical experiences. He also emphasized that developing human resources for any organization is crucial for the benefit of the organization itself. Similarly Dr. KC too reiterated on the words of Mr. Subba and hoped that this kind of training would be very useful in developing skilled human resources for the organization. The participants comprised of 21 staff members of Beema Samiti belonging to various hierarchical job positions. The recent development also indicates that in the near future, NBI and Beema Samiti could be working hand in hand in developing training calendars and delivering the trainings for the insurance sector.