Audit & Compliance

Nepalese Financial Reporting Standard

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) has announced the implementation of NFRS in Commercial Banks from fiscal year 2015/16. However, Nepal Rastra Bank has issued its directive to commercial banks to prepare their financial statements of 2017/18 based on NFRS.  NFRS is principle based a high quality standard which is divergent to local GAAP. Adoption of NFRS impacted greater areas including financial reporting as well as loan loss provisioning requirements.

Understanding AMLCFT Transaction Monitoring Principles and Practices

Program Takeaways 

  • Enhanced knowledge on different ways and methods of transaction monitoring required for banks.
  • Better understanding on knowhow of different types suspicious/unusual transactions and activities along with knowledge on reporting and summary write-ups.


Target Audience

  • Below staffs of banks and financial institutions and all reporting entities (DNFBPs): 
  • Staffs of Compliance and AML/CFT units 
  • Frontline staffs at branches/departments


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