Financial Literacy Training Manual. 

Trade Finance is an integrated system that fully automates and audits the complete cycle of trade finance transactions, in real time and in accordance with trade and statutory and international standards. It increases productivity through accurate and timely reporting, reducing paperwork and risk of processing errors. With Trade Finance, financial institutions can analyze overall exposure, productivity and profitability within a single system. They can also calculate commissions, foreign exchange equivalents and liabilities automatically and in real time.

When you sign up for Direct Deposit service, you usually sign in a service agreement that dictates the terms of the service. This description is intended to give you an easier-to-read overview of what you agree to in the world of Deposit Services. Such details can be found in our publication of "Deposit on Services". This module comprises the importance of deposit services for banks which explains why banks depends on their deposit services, the instruments they use, deposit accounting processes debit and credit interest and many more deposit matters.

Certification program on credits” is an initiative in improving the proficiency of the professionals employed in the banking industry. Its target group includes all level employees who want to excel their career in banking and want to turn into Credit Experts. This module highlights the financial systems in Nepal, Bank Credits, sources of funds for business sectors as well as describes loan, its types, analysis of financial statements and all the processes involved in loan products.