David Lim

David Lim knows something about leadership, motivation, and overcoming obstacles.

In 1998, he made history as leader of the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition. The landmark climb captured the nation’s imagination about the art of the possible, and ignited the need for calculated risk-taking, courage and imagination in the flat, tropical island nation of Singapore.

A week after his triumphant return from Everest, he was struck down by the rare nerve disorder, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and paralysed completely from eyes down. Spending six weeks on a ventilator and six months  in hospital, he emerged permanently disabled from the ordeal. He regained his life through sheer will and focus, and made a successful return to the great mountains.

Fascinated about discovering winning aspects of human resilience and motivation, David has created programmes and learning solutions for Everest Motivation Team which help people tap their potential in becoming stronger leaders, be better team members and to negotiate better life and business outcomes. David is a law graduate from Cambridge University, and is an accredited motivational coach.