The rapidly changing technologies in the form of internet, mobile phones and smartcards have revolutionized our lives through the changes banking operations with its services and products delivered to its consumers.

COVID-driven travel restrictions and social distancing have had an immediate and dramatic impact on the cashflows of many corporate and SMEs, from airlines to retailers to restaurants.

 In the current scenario of the COVID pandemic, leaders are facing challenges that they have never faced before which has created tremendous pressure on them.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) has announced the implementation of NFRS in Commercial Banks from fiscal year 2016/17.

This Advanced Excel session is designed for bank professionals who rely on Excel Program for their daily tasks.

The KYC issue has been an agenda of hue and cry in the entire banking industry.  This has sometimes been realized as a big mystery or burden over the industry. However, there are limited efforts made to de-mystify the situation.

Forgery in documents which are used for any banking transactions may lead to greater economic loss. Hence personnel involved in such activities need to know the ways of forgery in documents like check, ID and different aspects of signature, fingerprint etc.

As the size and complexity of financial institutions have increased, so too have the challenges of understanding and reducing operational risks down to truly manageable levels.

As per the Circular of Nepal Rastra Bank published on 8th Poush 2076, for the A, B and C Class Banks, the Policy and Procedures related to Risk Assessment arrangement shall be conducted by the Magh 2076 by transaction monitoring, identifying the high risk customers and identification o

Companies all across industries including Banks are being negatively impacted by the pandemic. Hence, businesses must take action to mitigate and prevent financial damage by evaluating and shifting business strategies and tactics.

Property - Land and building is one of the Prime collateral considered by Banks and Financial Institutes. It is generally a challenge to understand cadastral map (the Blue Print) for the bankers.

COVID-driven travel restrictions and social distancing have had an immediate and dramatic impact on the cash flows of many corporates and SMEs, from airlines to retailers to restaurants.

In consideration to the directives issued by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), Commercial banks are required to prepare their financial statements of 2017/18 , and going forward, based on NFRS.   The NFRS is principle based- a high quality standard which is divergent to local

The evolvement of financial instruments and markets has enabled banks to undertake varied risk exposures. Capital maintained by a bank under new Basel Capital Accord will be more closely aligned

A proper understanding of Retail lending concepts and systematic process would lead to quality decisions and avoid costly mistakes. In order to save the bank from reputation risk, the retail lending team should be aware of retail lending and security procedure.

The COVID 19 pandemics has created chaos and uncertainties all across the globe. It has paralyzed economic activities severely impacting almost every sector. Movement Control Order (MCO) has been imposed and people are forced to work from home.