Fraud Detection and Risk in Cheque Analysis with concept of INR. 500 and 1000 @ Banepa

With the issuance of notice from the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) lifting the ban on circulation of Indian currency notes of 500 and 1000 rupee, the banks now needs to be more cautious towards the inflow of the fake currency notes. This program has been designed in order to prevent unauthorized trading of such counterfeit notes.

Remittance Operations @ Bhairahawa

Nepal has long been known as a remittance-based economy. Had migrant workers employed in Gulf countries and Malaysia, among others, not sent money to the country, the domestic economy would have collapsed long ago, so goes the saying by the country’s renowned economists. But what is little known is that foreigners working in Nepal are also sending money abroad. And the size of funds that they are remitting home is increasing day by day. In the recent years many banks and financial institutions are offering Money transfers and this business has grown in to huge business. 

Cash Operations & Negotiable Instruments

The program will focus on developing conceptual skills of staff working in the Cash Area as well as provide a holistic environment for staff to clear up issues being faced on a day to day basis in their work place. The major aim of this Training Program is to make the participants aware about the theoretical as well as practical aspects of Cash Management. The Program is intended to equip the participants with knowledge so at to enable them to conduct their day to day operations independently.

Comprehensive Banking Course

Banking industry in Nepal has rapidly grown in last decade. With the growth and expansion the industry has faced acute shortage of skill amongst its existing pool of human capital. Lack of proper curricula, untrained trainers and absence of training knowhow in the industry led to huge knowledge gap within its human capital. To address this NBI ran industry wide survey and rounds of meetings with top executives, HR heads and regulators.

Conference on "Asset Liability Management"

The increasing trend of market risk has brought pressure on the banks management to maintain a good balance in profitability and long term-viability. Due to these pressures the banks need to plan their corporate strategy for decision making on a dynamic and integrated risk management system & process. The aim of the Assets Liability Management function would be to enforce risk management procedures and managing the business by assessing the risks involved.

·      International Trends and Best Practices in Market Risk

Financial Fraud Conference

Banks frauds have seen a significant increase in Nepalese Banking Industry in recent days. There is a pressing need to revamp process towards identifying, monitoring, control, reporting and mitigation of frauds. In order to address these issues, National Banking Institute is organizing one day National Conference on Financial Fraud on March 11, 2015 for banks and financial institutions in Nepal focusing on Financing Fraud.


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