Conference on Preventing Cyber Financial Frauds

Training Category: Workshop, Seminar & Conference
Financial Fraud through cyber crime is an escalating threat in Banking and Financial Industry. Nepalese Banking Industry have experienced various scale of cyber frauds and it is imperative that organizations have a clear understanding of the threat.
Financial Fraud can emanate from various sources. On an almost daily basis, users of the Internet are warned about the latest hacking or infectious spyware incident perpetrated by criminals who are seeking to profit illegally by obtaining financial information and/or identity. Hence, with this ever changing threat environment the banking industry is vulnerable to cyber financial crimes.
With the recent ATM heist, cyber fraud and prevention measures have been a major concern to Nepalese Banking. In understanding the upcoming challenges on how cyber financial crime can be detected, prevented , monitored and reported; National Banking Institute Ltd. announces conference on “Preventing Cyber Financial Fraud”.