Financial Fraud Conference 2018

Training Category: Workshop, Seminar & Conference

Financial Fraud is an escalating threat in Banking and Financial Industry. Nepalese Banking Industry have experienced various scale of  financial frauds and it is imperative that organizations have a clear understanding of the threat that corporate and financial fraud poses.

Financial Fraud can emanate from various sources.  According to the information from various media reports, the financial fraud amount in Nepalese Banking Industry till now is more than 19 billion including 10 A class banks with more than 809 million, 7  B class banks with more than 2.5 billion, 16 C class banks with more than 16 billion, 2 merchant banks with 179 million and some microfinance.  Similarly, in global context the  recent PNB scam of nearly Rs. 114 billion is also one of the burning  fraud issues in Banking arena .

In understanding  the upcoming challenges  how financial crime is detected, prevented and reported; it is very contextual to have Financial Fraud Conference. The conference will explore the financial fraud landscape to identify the early warning signals of fraud and prevention measures.

Keeping this in view, NBI in association with Fintelekt, India is presenting the '' Financial Fraud Conference 2018''

Training Date and Timing
May 07, 2018 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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