4th HR Club Event Anil Shah - HRM - A CEOs Perspective

The 4th HR meet was recently concluded with the topic being HRM - A CEOs Perspective by Mr. Anil Shah, CEO, Mega Bank Nepal. The program started with a lighthearted note on the gender imbalance at Mega Bank in favor of women.

Mr. Shah mentioned that no matter how much financial resources one had, results are only based on the work put by the “Right Team” and to form the right team you need to start by asking people “What do you like doing?” The answer to this simple question could be the key to forming effective and efficient teams that deliver results.

Mr. Shah also stressed that investing in human resources is not a waste of the financial resources. It pays dividend later. In fact Training Institutes and Training Programs should be one of the most important investments for the banks.

He also mentioned the trend of hiring MBA graduates from only elite colleges but the HR personnel need to look beyond that and initiate the process of hiring graduates from other colleges as well as he found that they were no less competent than the ones that come from these colleges. On an ending note – HR has an uphill task and the challenges are daunting but the key is not to give up and keep pushing. Persistence Pays.