Customer Relationship Management @ Butwal

Training Category: Soft Skill
The program aims to provide knowledge about importance of customer and to motivate staff for better performance in delivering excellent service. This program will help participants to make familiar about the expectations of the customer. The program aims to equip participants with sound knowledge on providing excellent service. This program will help participants get an overall concept of a customer’s behavior, handling them and also marketing aspects that will allow not only for them to grow but also the organization in the long run.


Training Date and Timing
Oct 31, 2015 - 7:30 am to 2:30 pm
  • 1. This type of program should be provided not only to the customer care staff but also to all department staff.

    2. Overall it was extraordinary. CRM is all about helping us to solve problems relating to customer activities and its management. Such training is very essential as we are all have played the role of a customer at some point of time.

    3. The workshop was delightful and I would like to recommend this workshop to all my colleagues.

    4. First of all training given by Ms. Euden Koirala added a lot more knowledge to our experience. It was my pleasure attending such an innovative program by same kind of highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel.

    5. I personally felt very lucky to be part of such a fantastic program.