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Train the Trainer

Many companies are very specific on how they want their employees trained; therefore developing the internal trainers seems the most feasible option. Trainers create lasting impressions on the employees, instilling in them their company’s values and expectations, as well as ensuring that employees have the necessary skills set to succeed. The Train the Trainer module is designed to give the prospective trainer the experience of teaching the material and transferring their knowledge into useful outcomes, before "going live."


Advanced Excel @ Itahari

Microsoft (MS) Excel (a.k.a. Spreadsheet) software has become an essential part of virtually all the business organizations in the globe. MS Excel is by far the world's most popular spreadsheet program and is useful for everything from maintaining simple household budgets to building experienced financial models or designing complex dashboards.

Board Level Leadership @ Kolkata

Economic growth of an emerging economy and developing country critically depends on the health and spread of banking industry.  Banks being companies are run by their respective boards.  As major decisions, including strategic business decisions, are taken by these boards, it is imperative that the boards are well constituted so as to reflect the various stakeholders and the business that they support.  While the central bank and monetary authority is charged with the responsibility of ensuring a healthy banking system, it’s the board members of th

Deposit Marketing

It is noteworthy to mention that Bank employees especially in Nepal, (besides the core liability team), do not realize and accept that it is everyone’s business to pull in money to the organization for further business opportunities.  A shift in job rotation from any department to liability is often considered trivial and reluctance in attitude can be witnessed more often than compared to change in job duties in other functions.  This culture in our banking industry is prominent and requires a revolution in the way deposit marketing is viewed.  It is time to ale


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