Soft Skill

Deposit Marketing

It is noteworthy to mention that Bank employees especially in Nepal, (besides the core liability team), do not realize and accept that it is everyone’s business to pull in money to the organization for further business opportunities. A shift in job rotation from any department to liability is often considered trivial and reluctance in attitude can be witnessed more often than compared to change in job duties in other functions. This culture in our banking industry is prominent and requires a revolution in the way deposit marketing is viewed.

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills

Effective communication & presentation skills are key to business success. In addition to learning how to deal with difficult people, participants acquire techniques for connecting with people quickly and easily as well as clearly presenting their ideas. Participants also discover their own communication style and learn how to identify the communication preferences of others. Morale and productivity improve because their personal and professional relationships improve skills and knowledge gained from learning how to effectively communicate and make memorable presentations.


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